DDB Kicks Off a New Season of Football for State Farm

It wouldn’t be a new football season if State Farm didn’t launch another round of creative featuring Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. The new work created for the 2017/2018 season shows that State Farm understands they aren’t just insuring consumers’ things; they are protecting people’s most treasured possessions.

Created by DDB Chicago as part of the “Here to Help Life Go Right” communications platform, the 2017 Football campaign doesn’t simply focus on selling insurance products. Rather, the creative demonstrates that State Farm understands the real importance of what people are insuring by highlighting the unique role those items play when it comes to the game they love—whether that’s the memories they have with them, or the effort it took to get them, they all have a personal backstory.

State Farm’s 2017 Football campaign kicked off nationally with a new :30 second video. “Together,” features Aaron and his dog recalling the memories they’ve shared together after Clay has a mishap with a drone and Aaron’s truck.

An integrated, multiplatform campaign, State Farm’s 2017 Football is running across online video platforms, social media, display, national terrestrial and streaming radio. Additional support will be provided through onsite activations and digital and broadcast sponsorships.

Watch “Together” here.

Christie Griesmaier

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