Jeep Grand Cherokee Graces the Golden Globes with “For Every Impossible,” by DDB Chicago

In For Every Impossible, DDB Chicago set out to create a commercial that would truly capture the spirit of the Jeep driver. To DDB that spirit is best defined as a willingness to confront challenges. Sometimes Jeep drivers take on physical challenges, like an obstacle in the road or a steep cliff or a snowstorm. Sometimes it may be a mental challenge, like an equation that needs to be solved. Or maybe it’s about courage, like standing up for one’s beliefs. Or it’s interpersonal, like the challenge of making a relationship last.

In whatever realm, DDB Chicago wanted it to reflect a willingness to take chances in life. Forging ahead, despite the risks. And in the copy there’s this feeling that maybe you’ve been warned and discouraged not to do certain things. But you very consciously disregard this advice, and jump head first into things anyway.

Of course DDB is aware these themes are not unheard of in advertising. But for some brands it rings hollow. In our case Jeep drivers actually do live their lives this way and really do believe in this mentality. So there’s an inherent authenticity that our vignettes can benefit from.

Regarding the copy, some people viewing the spot have asked us “Where did you find that poem?” The question probably stems from the recent trend in advertising to appropriate and repurpose well known poetry (or quotes or lyrics). Our feeling was hey, if Jeep drivers are originals, we should be too. So the poem was our own creation, not the product of some great American author of yore.

You can view the new spot below:

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