State Farm and DDB New York Scare You Right This Halloween

With Halloween approaching, DDB New York launched two ads fraught with suspense for State Farm. The Scary Right campaign will make your heart beat fast, and your palms sweat until…. a State Farm representative is there to help. The ads, which promote the hashtag #heretohelp, are in sync with the new State Farm tagline and positioning “Here to Help Life Go Right.”

Shot by Jaime Travis, the director of MTV’s Scream, Scary Right is an all-digital campaign comprised of social media and online video. The spots will across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other pre-roll placements. Witty posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will support the two videos.

In the first spot, entitled “Chase,” a young woman en route to a party and taking a short cut through the woods suspects she’s being followed. Her pace quickens as she catches a glimpse of a shadow-y figure behind here. As she trips, falls and prepares for an attack she comes face-to-face with … State Farm representative Nicole. Commenting on how fast the girl has been running, Nicole hands her the purse she’s dropped along on the way, and lets her know she’s “happy to help.” See the ad here.

The second ad, “Jumper,” shines a light on a lone couple inside a car on the side of a dark road. As they realize that both their car battery and their cell phone have gone dead a menacing vehicle looms behind them. As the couple prepare for “the end” they slowly drop their window to reveal …. Joe, a State Farm representative, who is there to help with a not-so-menacing jumper cable. Both spots end with Happy Halloween. Click here for the ad.

Both creative executions have a spooky twist that plays off the duality of life’s moments, demonstrating that State Farm is not only here for when things go wrong, they are also there to help life go right.

 The video ads, which include :30 and :60 versions, build on phase 1 of the Scary Right campaign, which promoted and sold the Jake the State Farm agent costume via various horror movie poster treatments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Phase 1’s engagement results were some of the best State Farm has seen.

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