Fighting Billboards Promote Daredevil Season 2

Netflix’s original series, Daredevil is known for its elaborate fight scenes.  To promote the launch of Season 2, Netflix and DDB Canada staged a new kind of fight driven by social media conversations about the season’s three main characters: Daredevil, Punisher and Elektra.

To pique interest and anticipation for the show’s return Netflix unveiled an interactive multi-billboard installation in Toronto’s Dundas Square that asks onlookers to “join the fight” by using #Daredevil, #Punisher or #Elektra to support their favourite character featured on each board.

Fuelled by Daredevil fanatics social posts that include #Daredevil, #Punisher and #Elektra, the billboards evolved every 48 hours leading up to show’s return with the most talked about character on social attacking his or her enemies by adding physical damage, including bullet holes, slashes, bruises and 3D weapons, to the opposition’s billboards.  

“Daredevil is extremely popular in Canada and the fighting billboard series is a fun way to introduce new characters and get fans involved in anticipation for the show,” says Dean Lee, executive creative director, DDB Canada Vancouver.

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