ConAgra and DDB San Francisco Deliver Meat Sticks Right To Your Door this Holiday Season with the Meatbox

In order to snap dudes out of the artisinal-hand-procured-custom-box subscrition services that flood the internet, Slim Jim and DDB San Francisco have created a simple and non-comital box subscription service for guys to enjoy – a single box filled with meat sticks called the Meatbox.

As the first of its kind, the Meatbox is a breakthrough innovation in meatstick delivery. The Meatbox stands out in the box subscription category because it is designed to be the opposite of what other box subscriptions do. Instead of procuring a collection of hand crafted goods tailored to the customer, Slim Jim is sending a box of only Slim Jims.

There’s no paid advertising for this campaign but the brand is promoting the product on social media. This is also the first direct-to-consumer ecomerce that Slim Jim and ConAgra have ever done.

You can purchase a Meatbox at for a total of $14.99 + $5.00 shipping while supplies last in the U.S.

For some additional background:

The Meatbox was inspired by a journey the DDB San Francisco team went on to get Slim Jims. One time they had to go to a gas station to get their Slim Jim meat sticks. After the team’s quest they thought, “Do you think people ever wish Slim Jim could just deliver a box of meat sticks right to their door?” And the Meatbox was born.

Madison Seely Agency Communications Manager DDB

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