DDB Chicago and DDB San Francisco Spots Make Ace Metrix’s List of Top Ads for 2016

DDB Chicago and DDB San Francisco made waves in 2016 with Ace Metrix, “the leader in measuring the impact of video advertising,” who put work by both agencies on their overall “Ads that Moved Us in 2016″ list. Two of DDB San Francisco’s ads for Slim Jim, Grandma and Skywriting, made it into the sub-category list of funniest ads of 2016, while DDB Chicago’s Never TOO Next spot for Kohler made the most creative ads of 2016 list.

According to Ace Metrix, “the lists were derived through scientific calculation based on the frequency of emotive words and phrases used in viewer comments. DDB Chicago and DDB San Francisco’s spots thus rose in the ranks of ads that made the largest emotional impact among viewers in 2016.

You can read Ace Metrix’s full list of top 2016 ads here, and read more about the organization here.

Madison Seely Agency Communications Manager DDB

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