DDB Chicago and State Farm Share the ANA Masters Stage

This year’s ANA Masters of Marketing Conference on October 4-6 in Orlando, Florida, brought some of the industry’s biggest titans together to celebrate all things advertising and marketing. Among the celebrated topics was the relationship between State Farm and DDB Chicago, which took the main stage in the form of a keynote by both Paul Gunning, CEO of DDB Chicago, and Rand Harbert, Chief Agency, Sales and Marketing Officer for State Farm.

In their conversation, Paul and Rand shared the secrets to their successful, 78-year long client/agency relationship with four key directives: get past your past; put solving ahead of serving; feed the need; and leverage your strengths. With these principles DDB and State Farm have created work together that accomplishes common goals and reinforces the bond they have shared over the years.

“We’re driving faster solutions while motivating a large enterprise to think differently about structure and flexibility. Our partnership, trust, and shared commitment to State Farm’s success remain the foundation of our relationship. Sometimes rare to find in our business, but truly special when it’s attained,” said Paul.

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Madison Seely Agency Communications Manager DDB

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