DDB Chicago Creative Duo Lauren Riddoch and Andrea Knowles Named on The Drum’s 2017 50 Under 30 List of Creative Women

DDB Chicago’s resident all-star creative team of Lauren Riddoch and Andrea Knowles have been named to The Drum’s annual 50 Under 30 list of women making waves in the digital and advertising industry. This recognition solidifies Lauren and Andrea’s positions as creatives to watch and recognizes the hard work they’ve done for iconic brands like McDonald’s.

Working together as an integrated creative team, Lauren as the writer and Andrea the art director, the ladies’ primary focus has been on digital and social media for McDonalds. The young team worked alongside industry legends and tech partners such as Google and Adobe Marketing Cloud to construct first to market digital opportunities that would set McDonald’s apart.

At age 23 and 24, most junior creatives have not experienced the adrenaline and excitement of working on new business, let alone a blue chip client with an iconic brand. But creative partners Andrea Knowles and Lauren Riddoch found themselves in this exact situation, and they both delivered innovative work that would make advertising legend William Bernbach proud.

Both Lauren and Andrea have been featured on The Drum over the course of the last few weeks. You can read Lauren’s highlights here, and Andrea’s here. Congratulations, ladies!

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