DDB North America CEO’s Wendy Clark Delivers Keynote Address at 4A’s Transformation Conference

Wendy Clark, CEO of DDB North America, delivered the keynote address at this year’s 4A’s Transformation Conference in Miami. The keynote took place on March 22 and kicked off a three-day-long conference on thought leadership.

In Wendy’s keynote, she discussed the agency’s new model, “DDB Flex,” which is designed to “break down things that make them inefficient.” The model focuses on the “horizontal” rather than the “vertical,” encouraging all 12 DDB NA offices to rally behind client needs and leverage cross-capabilities accordingly.

“Agencies don’t like working together,” said Wendy. “But your clients believe your agenda is their agenda. Their goals and ambition [are yours]. We have to check our agenda at the door.”

Wendy’s keynote also touched on the budding theme of diversity in the industry. She advocated conferences such as 4A’s as spaces for bringing these topics into the open, so that groups could explore issues of diversity and gender inequity head-on.

“We have to stay really focused on this discussion. We can’t allow it to [only] become a conversation when something goes wrong,” said Wendy. “We will not rest until our company reflects the marketplace we serve. It’s a very clear and simple objective and it’s something I think is entirely possible if we stay focused on it.”

4A’s Transformation is the leading trade conference in the U.S. for advertising and marketing. To learn more about what took place this year, click here.

Madison Seely Agency Communications Manager DDB

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