DDB San Francisco and göt2b Present the A-Z of Attitude

In their new work for göt2b, DDB San Francisco created #got2standout, a campaign to amplify the brand’s philosophy that how you style your hair is how you bring your inner attitude to life. Because the brand’s audience is primarily made up of millennials, the agency had an opportunity to take the brand outside of traditional media and create something that was shareable, experiential, and digital – the places where millennials spend their time. 

Through a partnership with Vice and i_D Magazine, DDB San Francisco created the A-Z of Attitude, a celebration of stylish hair, attitude, and taking pride in individuality – everything that göt2b stands for. DDB SF teamed up with social influencers to push out the #got2standout message. Twenty top influencers—travel, beauty, hair, lifestyle—posted pictures of how they stand out from the crowd through hairstyles. They invited their followers to post pictures of their standout hair style, and how it made them feel, for a chance to be the face of the nextgöt2b campaign and/or win free product. The response on social was overwhelmingly positive.

DDB SF also invited people to join in on a 2-day event in NYC where göt2b and DDB SF styled guests’ hair to match their attitudes. The event was attended by social media influencers who shared their experience with followers through Instagram and SnapChat, helping the message reach a wider audience. DDB SF and göt2b turned the event into an opportunity to create content to spread the #got2standout campaign. Just from the 2-day event, DDB SF was able to capture gifs, photos, and video that helped bring the campaign to life. 

Through speaking to millennials through their forms of media, DDB San Francisco is reaching the goal of turning göt2b into a brand that millennials can believe in. You can watch the A-Z of Attitude video below:

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