DDB San Francisco releases new work for Kingsford

As part of a proactive initiative to bring and sell through more social ideas to Clorox, DDB San Francisco whipped up this video for Kingsford with mobile and digital in mind. It comes on the heels of a Cannes-winning TV spot that launched 7 years ago for the early grilling season. While the commercial was highly effective, it was also not crafted with digital and mobile in mind (7 years is a lifetime ago in terms of technology!). DDB San Francisco wanted to bring forth an idea that would convey the same kind of messaging as TV, but in a format that fits the way consumers are digesting media today. It works in mobile and isn’t dialogue driven, as we know many consumers will see these kinds of videos muted by default. Take a look, and then stop whatever you’re doing to put a nice porterhouse on the grill. Gather ‘round.

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