Lifelock and DDB Chicago Go Beyond Monitoring the Problem: They Fix It

In an effort to educate consumers living in a “privacy challenged” world about the issue of identity protection, DDB Chicago has created two new humorous TV commercials for LifeLock that pinpoint why it’s so important not only to monitor a problem, but also help to fix it.

The two spots are introduced as a continuation of DDB Chicago’s first work for the brand, which launched in November 2015 when LifeLock further differentiated itself from free credit monitoring services. Now, the brand is incorporating more entertaining analogies in an effort to underscore LifeLock’s story.

The new spots, “Pest” and “Dentist,” show everyday threat scenarios with ludicrous outcomes, begging the question “if you don’t accept monitoring as a solution in these serious situations, why would you do so with something as important as your identity?”

In “Pest,” a family home is being investigated for termites. When the father of the household asks the “Pest Monitor” to get rid of the bugs, he replies that his job is simply to identify when there’s a problem, before promptly packing his bags and leaving. “Dentist” is the second spot in which a patient receives the diagnosis that he has the worst cavity they have ever seen. Without fixing the cavity, the dentist and hygienist decide to depart for lunch and leave the poor patient helpless in the dental chair with swabs and tubes hanging from his mouth.

Both ridiculous scenarios are meant to represent credit monitoring services, which only let you know when your credit score has changed but don’t offer resolution services to help remedy the problem.

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