“Profiles” of Addiction Takes Center Stage at Republican and Democratic National Conventions With Help From DDB New York

While delegates and other influencers attending the Republican or Democratic National Conventions will have much to debate, a new out-of-home campaign, which is scheduled to run during both events, will offer representatives of both parties a critically urgent cause they can all agree upon.

DDB New York created the campaign to build awareness for Facing Addiction, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the drug and alcohol addiction crisis. As the opioid overdose problem has reached epidemic proportions in the nation, Facing Addiction will shine a spotlight on how addiction is impacting people from all walks of life, and rally advocates behind the need for effective prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. One in three households in America – more than 90 million people – are directly impacted by addiction, and someone – usually a young adult – dies from alcohol or drugs every four minutes in this country.

The campaign, entitled “Profiles,” initially plays out in three arresting, large format, black and white posters showing head shots paired with copy based on true stories of addiction. Two of the three posters tell the stories of people in recovery, but hiding their past due to the widespread stigma and lack of acceptance of this health challenge. The third poster tells the story of a Dad who lost his daughter to prescription painkillers after an injury and an emergency room visit.

The copy for the ads end with a call to action, “Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It looks like all of us. Together we can change the face of addiction.”

The campaign will be on display in the Recovery Wellness Rooms at both of the political conventions. These rooms will provide an alcohol-free place for people currently suffering from addiction, or in long-term recovery, to escape the pressure and commotion of the conventions, and to attend or participate in a number of addiction-related presentations and panel discussions.

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