State Farm and DDB New York Launch “Dog Friendly Fourth”

BBQ, family, friends – the 4th of July is the kind of holiday everyone loves. Everyone except dogs. As many dog owners know, the fireworks that accompany 4th of July celebrations can cause their dogs a great deal of distress. This is mainly due to a dog’s acute sense of hearing. Luckily, State Farm is here to help. 

How? By sending #HereToHelp dog earmuffs to people who have commented about their dog’s struggles on social media. The earmuffs are specifically designed to reduce the overpowering noise of fireworks and help dogs enjoy Independence Day festivities without fear, panic, or anxiety.

Building on State Farm’s new “Here to Help Life Go Right” positioning, DDB New York has leveraged social listening to find and help these dogs who struggle with fireworks. DDB worked closely with State Farm to monitor social conversations around dogs and fireworks, and then message people to overnight them a pair of dog earmuffs. Social listening outreach will continue beyond the Fourth, thus ensuring that man’s best friend is no worse for wear. 

The campaign will incorporate the #HereToHelp, and prove that State Farm is actually here to help, as they surprise and delight dog lovers before, during, and after the Fourth. State Farm will have more earmuffs on hand, to give to concerned dog owners who reach out to the brand via social.

In addition, State Farm is posting social content around ways to keep your dog safe during the Fourth, as well as other useful tips for celebrating our nation’s birthday safely.

So now, America’s big day can be a happy day for dogs as well as people.

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